Customer Stories

Footwear etc. increases revenue by removing distracting ads

BrandLock helps Footwear Etc. from losing customers to competitor websites by removing malicious redirects from its website. The result - double-digit conversion rate and better revenue per session.

The Results
Overall site conversion rate lift
Overall site revenue per session lift
Increase in page views per visit
Business Challenge

Browser injected ads luring shoppers away

Not aware of the browser injected ads, Footwear etc. could not identify the one thing that was leading its shoppers away from the store. It was only when their customers emailed them complaining about intrusive ads popping up across their product pages that they knew something was wrong.

On meeting with BrandLock, they were able to take a look at these ads in real-time. They noticed the contextual nature of the ads and how they were disturbing the regular site experience of a shopper. They also learned that 14% of their store traffic was seeing these ads and getting lured away to other websites. Footwear etc immediately decided to make removing these ads a priority for their business. Since they moved away from the traditional discounting game, it became more important for them to keep their shoppers protected from distractions like these ads.

Pop-up Ads on Footwear ETC

BrandLock solution

BrandLock’s Shield removes browser-based ads, easing shopper frustrations, and increasing revenue

Agreeing to work together on a pay-per-performance model, BrandLock and Footwear etc. began rigorous A/B testing on the site’s traffic. The goal was simple – to identify the impact on revenue per session when the ads were disabled out by BrandLock Shield, in comparison to the visitors who were exposed to them.

By adding just one line of code to Footwear etc.’s tag management solution, the A/B test began almost immediately.

The Goal

The goal was to achieve a 99% confidence level on the data set, using revenue per session as the key metric to measure the performance of BrandLock. The metric was chosen as it has a direct impact on the profit and loss of Footwear etc.

The Result

Footwear etc began the test with a 50-50 traffic split. Half their visitors were protected from browser-injected ads by Shield and the others were still exposed to them.

From the second month, BrandLock began protecting 90% of Footwear etc.’s traffic, leaving 10% to a ‘control group’ where the ads were allowed to run their course.


Footwear etc reduces cart abandonment and increases revenue with BrandLock Shield

The results of the A/B test seamlessly began to flow into the Google Analytics account of Footwear etc. making it easier for the team to monitor the impact of BrandLock.

In the first month, Footwear etc. noticed a +4.3% increase in the overall revenue per session. By the next month, the revenue lift jumped to +9%.

After months of continuous A/B testing with BrandLock, Footwear etc. found that disabling shopper distractions like browser ads could improve their monthly revenue by +5-9%. They also noticed that the shoppers in the protected group were more engaged with their site, with an increase in page views per visit.

But that’s not all.

Footwear etc. discovered that BrandLock was a self-funding solution to keep unwanted shopper distractions at bay; where Brandlock charges a small percentage on the revenue lift delivered, as measured by the client’s own analytics platform.

  • 11% of traffic infected with malware
  • 16% overall CR increased
  • 9% overall site revenue per session lift