Remove Distractions.
Increase Conversions.

BrandLock improves conversions by identifying shoppers, removing distractions and promoting targeted offers.

Increased conversions for

How does BrandLock work?


One line of code added to your site identifies possible shopper distractions and flags price sensitive shoppers. With an ever-expanding list of malware strains, we make sure anything that distracts your shoppers remains hidden.


15% of shoppers see unwanted ads, coupons, deals and adult content injected by their browser onto your site. We remove these distractions and keep shoppers engaged.


Help your price sensitive shoppers realise they’re getting the best deal possible by promoting on-site coupons, deals, cashback and other rewards.

Distracted shoppers are a bigger problem than you think!

The difference between what you see on your site and what your shoppers see is hurting your business.


revenue lost


sales lost in US


cart abandonment

Don't just take our word for it

See what our enterprise customers have to say

“BrandLock keeps our brands safe and clean. They are a trusted partner. We use their Shield product to ensure we stay pristine.”
“BrandLock has helped us recover millions in revenue through double-digit conversion growth. It quickly provided value by protecting our customer journey and providing a distraction-free shopping experience. BrandLock is a fantastic partner in providing new and innovative ways to protect our sites!”
“For a young brand, building its reputation is key. Brandlock ensures that we are maintaining our price integrity and acts as an active tool in reputation management. As a brand that creates everything to last, our pricing strategy is an important part of our brand and we are thrilled to partner with BrandLock to support…”
“BrandLock delivers on its promise and protects our brand integrity. We have seen a 15% increase in CR across multiple months.”
“The biggest ROI this year is BrandLock. +6% CR lift by simply blocking unwanted distractions on our site.”
“BrandLock works like a charm. Consistent gains every month.”
“BrandLock is a Magic Conversion Booster. Turn it on. Get +10%.”
“BrandLock delivers gains of +7%. It's a game-changer.”
“When shoppers complained about injected ads, pop-ups, and offers, we turned to BrandLock for help. Immediately, we saw a boost in shopper engagement, conversion rate, and most telling - revenue per visit”
“While aware of browser-injected ads, I wasn’t exactly sold on their impact on our site. The testing with BrandLock proved otherwise – with overall conversion rates and revenue per session increasing by 11% and 6%, respectively.”
“BrandLock clearly demonstrated that your most unhappy customers are not only your greatest source of learning – but also incremental revenue lift. We learned that removing their distractions and frustrations has an immediate and profound impact on revenue.”
“We have immensely benefitted from Brandlock's conversion optimization tool. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits – all by blocking unwanted ads.”
“This is a completely invisible problem to online retailers. We only realized the issue when a customer emailed, inquiring about all the ads popping up. A few months later we learned of a solution through BrandLock. Removing these ads has become critical to our business.”

Immediate results

Recapture lost sales

Don’t let unauthorized ads tempt your shoppers with distracting deals or coupons.

Maintain brand safety

Ensure browsers display your website free from competitive and inappropriate ads for all consumers.

Prevent data breach

Don’t let web browsers be the weakest link. Keep customer data safe from malicious browser extensions and apps.

Reduce affiliate payouts

Avoid paying coupon sites every time a shopper makes a coupon run, trying to get a better deal.

Stop affiliate fraud

Don’t pay for traffic that is already on your site.

Recovering stolen revenue for our customers. Like a boss.

Slack is the way we get business done period.


“I was definitely skeptical at first, but then BrandLock delivered. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits – all by blocking unwanted ads.”

Brian Egholm Anderson,

“While aware of popup ads, I wasn’t exactly sold on it’s impact to our site. The testing with Brandlock proved otherwise – with conversion rates and revenue per session increasing by 9% and higher.”

Jim Richmond, 


Remove distractions. Increase conversions.

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