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Golf bidder Logo - BrandLock

Golfbidder targets Hijacked Shoppers to increase conversion rate by 6%

CVR Lift
Murad Logo - BrandLock

Murad enjoys 4% revenue growth by focusing on Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Golf Avenue Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock delivers 6% of revenue by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
CT Shirts Logo - BrandLock

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Boosts Conversion Rates By Optimizing Shopping Experience For Hijacked Shoppers

CVR Lift
Her Room Logo - BrandLock

Her Room enjoys 5% conversion growth by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

CVR Lift
Cosabella Logo - BrandLock

Cosabella drives 5% revenue growth by optimizing Hesitant, Wish List, & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Prohealth Logo - BrandLock

ProHealth got 16% revenue by locking onto Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Jolyn Logo - BrandLock

Jolyn got 3% revenue by locking onto Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
cbii-cbd Logo - BrandLock

CBII focuses on Hesitant and Hijacked shoppers & drives 6% online revenue.

Revenue Driven
Gazelle Logo - BrandLock

7% revenue driven through BrandLock by targeting Hesitant, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
SuperATV Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock drives 13% revenue by optimizing shopper journeys for Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
GGB Logo - BrandLock

5% revenue growth by targetting Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Apple Seeds Logo - BrandLock

10% revenue driven by optimizing Hijacked, Extension & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Blair Logo - BrandLock

Blair drives 3% revenue by focusing on Extension, Hijacked, & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Tula Logo - BrandLock

Tula got 5% online revenue by locking onto Hesitant, Wish List, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Drapers Logo - BrandLock

Draper's & Damon's got 6% revenue by optimizing Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Haband Logo - BrandLock

Brandlock drives 11% revenue for Haband by focusing on Hijacked Shoppers & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Delonghi Logo - BrandLock

Delonghi drives 11% revenue by tapping into Hesitant, Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
GFore Logo - BrandLock

G/Fore got 5% revenue by locking onto Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Lulu and Georgia Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock drives 5% revenue by optimizing shopper journeys for Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Peter Millar Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock keeps our brands safe and clean. They are a trusted partner and help us optimize Hijacked Shoppers."

CVR Lift
Fingerhut Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock has helped us recover millions in revenue through double-digit conversion growth."

Revenue Driven
Cariuma Logo - BrandLock

"Brandlock ensures that we are maintaining our price integrity and acts as an active tool in reputation management. "

Revenue Driven
Dermadoctor’s Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock delivers on its promise and protects our brand integrity. We have seen a 15% increase in CR across multiple months."

Revenue Driven
Franklin Planner Logo - BrandLock

"The biggest ROI this year is BrandLock. +6% CR lift by simply blocking unwanted distractions on our site."

Revenue Driven
Famous Smoke Shop Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock works like a charm. Consistent gains every month."

Revenue Driven
Fila Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock is a Magic Conversion Booster. Turn it on. Get +10%."

Revenue Driven
BUBS Naturals Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock delivers gains of +7%. It's a game-changer."

CVR Lift
Pharmaca Logo - BrandLock

Pharmaca got 4% revenue growth by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

CVR Lift
Feel Unique Logo - BrandLock

Feel Unique drives 2% online revenue by locking onto Hijacked and Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Bare Necessities Logo - BrandLock

Bare Necessities focuses on Hijacked shoppers & increases revenue growth by 7%

Revenue Driven
Novica Logo - BrandLock

"Removing shopper distractions and frustrations has had an immediate and profound influence on revenue growth."

Revenue Driven
Cartier Logo - BrandLock

Cartier targets Hijacked Shoppers & drives revenue by 9%

Revenue Driven
Jabra Logo - BrandLock

"Brandlock has been extremely beneficial to us. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits."

CVR Lift
Footwear Etc. Logo - BrandLock

Footwear etc. optimizes Hijacked Shoppers & drives 7.3% revenue through BrandLock

Revenue Driven
TopShop Logo - BrandLock

Topshop unlocks a 5% increase in conversion rate by targeting Hijacked Shoppers

CVR Lift

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