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Cariuma Plugs Revenue Leakage - Boosts Conversions & Brand Reputation

BrandLock eliminated invasive ads to plug online revenue leakage, protect brand reputation and improve customer retention.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit Lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
Decrease in Bounce Rate
Business Challenge

Browser Injected Ads were Stealing Cariuma’s Visitors

Being a young and growing company, Cariuma constantly tests different solutions to enhance its eCommerce shopping experience and conversion rates. It regularly checks the impact of new solutions on its brand’s reputation and eCommerce KPIs.

Unfortunately, these efforts were not reaching a significant portion of their on-site customer base – who were affected by Customer Journey Hijacking (CJH).

BrandLock connected with Cariuma and made them aware of the problem. Traffic hijackers inject competitor ads, pop-ups, and other malicious ads into browser extensions and other free software programs downloaded by online shoppers.

The goal of these injected ads is to redirect Cariuma’s hard-earned traffic to other websites at Cariuma’s expense. This results in revenue leakage unknown to the eCommerce merchants.

BrandLock notified Cariuma’s eCommerce team about the scale and impact of CJH. After viewing screenshots of various types of unauthorized ads appearing to their site visitors, Senior Digital Officer Felipe G. Araujo and the Cariuma team wanted to investigate further. 

The team’s significant efforts and investment in optimizing conversions and online brand reputation would be ineffective if they could not resolve this invisible yet real problem.

They needed a solution that could deliver transparent and verifiable results.

BrandLock solution

Cariuma Gains Immediate Gain In Conversion Rates After Removing Ads

  • BrandLock conducted an A/B test to verify how many visitors were seeing unwanted ads and how they were affecting profitability. 
  • The test numbers revealed that 6.17% of all visitors to were exposed to ad injections – a good deal of them were competitor ads. 
  • Cariuma was able to verify the data and impact of customer journey hijacking using their own Google Analytics platform.
  • BrandLock deployed Shield – a customer hijacking prevention solution to block all ad injections on the client-side and create a distraction-free customer journey. 
  • After removing ad injections, Cariuma has seen its average conversion rate lift by 3.71% and revenue per visit lift also increase by 3.78%.

Cariuma Sees Positive ROI on BrandLock Investment

The company is happy to see positive returns on BrandLock solutions with the minimal upfront investment needed on their end.

  • 3.71% conversion rate lift
  • 3.78% revenue per session lift
  • 2.5% decrease in bounce rate

With invasive ads no longer luring customers away from the website, Felipe and the Cariuma team are now able to ensure the intended online customer experience is delivered without any distractions.

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