Customer Stories

FILA Kicks Adware to the Curb, resulting in a +9% Revenue Lift

With BrandLock, Fila maps a distraction-free online shopping journey for their customers to gain a higher conversion rate optimization and revenue share.

The Results
Increase in overall site revenue per session
Increase in overall site conversion rate lift
Decrease in site bounce rate
Business Challenge

Adware was taking a bite out of FILA’s online revenue

Founded in 1911, FILA is a South Korean manufacturer that designs footwear and apparel. As of 2019, the company posted nearly $3B in sales, as the brand continued its resurgence globally. FILA’s online website has been a driving force, and the fastest-growing channel, delivering sustained double to triple-digit growth. With the increased traffic to its website, and its products found on hundreds of other sites, FILA became a prime target for adware.

Before working with BrandLock, FILA experienced high exit & bounce rates, from its customers. This means that an impactful number of visitors entered the site and then left, or “bounced” to another site, rather than continuing to shop. Wanting some insights into what might be causing these ‘bounces’, FILA turned to BrandLock.

BrandLock solution

FILA deploys BrandLock to disable adware on FILA’s shopper’s devices

BrandLock deployed a single line of code on FILA’s website to prevent pop-ups and other forms of adware. The code, acting as a nightclub bouncer, detects and disables all forms of browser adware, designed to inject itself onto FILA’s website as it loads on the end shoppers device. (mobile/desktop/tablet). BrandLock’s script simply compared the native code from Fila’s website vs. code that the browser was attempting to embed, as FILA’s pages load. FILA was shocked to learn just how good these ads were at actually fooling shoppers and luring them off FILA’s website with deals, offers, and FILA products found on other sites. (In short, shoppers thought the ads came from FILA directly. Scary.)

BrandLock reported that almost 11% of traffic on FILA’s site was seeing fraudulent pop-up ads while they shopped. Furthermore, using this method, the team reported metrics such as exit rate, bounce rate, customer conversion rate, page views per visit, and revenue per session.

Next, BrandLock and FILA kicked off a 50/50 A/B test to measure the revenue lift possible, simply by removing the ads that were once frustrating shoppers & leading them astray.

Upon further analysis, BrandLock also determined that the adware serving up competitors’ products and price comparisons were especially damaging. These ads prayed directly on the shopper’s price sensitivity and desire to get a deal. Given the ads embedded themselves directly onto FILA’s category, product, cart, and checkout pages; shoppers were easily fooled, clicking the ads, and leading to FILA’s bounce rate.

Yet once the A/B test was fired up, all those ads magically stopped.

The Process:

The setup of the A/B test was as follows.

  • Single variant testing framework – BrandLock ‘on’ vs ‘off’
  • Randomized grouping – Visitors are assigned at random to two groups (control and protected)
  • Analytics integration – Results reporting within Google Analytics or Adobe (previously Omniture)
  • Revenue per session – Metric to measure the impact of removing browser injected ads across all devices (combines AOV and CR)

To achieve a 99% confidence level on the data set, the A/B test measured the revenue per session closely. The metric left no blind spots in determining the actual increase in revenue (or lift) by incorporating both AOV (average order value) and CR (conversion rate).


Revenue increased by +9%, simply by removing a major shopper frustration— ads

FILA removed the distracting adware using BrandLock Shield and immediately began posting positive returns. In the first month of running BrandLock, FILA was recouping hundreds of lost orders and posting outstanding results:

  • +9% increase in site revenue per session (RPS)
  • 11.6% decrease in site bounce rate
  • +10.6% overall conversion rate lift
  • 6.6% overall decrease in site exit rate
  • +7.4% increase in page views per visit