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Fila Achieves +10% Conversion Rate And Unlocks Additional Revenue

BrandLock created a disruption-free journey and optimized the customer experience with one-to-one promotions to boost FILA's revenue and profit.

The Results
Revenue Per Visit Lift
High Conversion Rate Lift
Orders Recovered
Business Challenge

Unauthorized Ad Injections Divert FILA’s Customers to Competition

FILA’s proactive approach led them to learn about the unauthorized ads, banners, and pop-ups that were injected into its website. Ad injections are a client-side problem that affects users’ browsers and devices and therefore go unnoticed by most online businesses.

The unwanted ads not only diverted FILA’s customers away but also put the brand’s reputation at risk. This had an unfavorable impact on the website’s conversion rates and revenue.

Besides ad injections, FILA also experienced revenue leakage in its conversion funnel.

Despite considerable traffic, a notable amount of shoppers would drop-off between checkout and the final transaction. BrandLock started an extensive analysis of the website and found discrepancies in the promo codes applied by customers.

Shoppers were frustrated with invalid promo codes they would get from unauthorized coupon extensions, leading to abandoned carts.

BrandLock solution

Fila Optimized The Customer Journey and Boosted Revenue By Deploying BrandLock Solutions

  • Initial analysis of FILA’s online store revealed that over 4% of the customer browsers were infected by ad injections. Their customers were exposed to various invasive ads such as price comparison ads, video ads, banner ads, and in-text ads.
  • BrandLock integrated Shield – a customer journey hijacking prevention solution to identify and block unauthorized ads injected into the customer browser extensions and devices.
  • The AI-based solution could not only remove unwanted ads and extensions but other malicious scripts that could harm the company’s brand reputation.
  • FILA conducted A/B testing of Shield across its website with the key goals of measuring effectiveness and quantifying the loss in conversions (if the website was not protected by Shield).

Using personalized promotions to minimize shopper frustration

  • To delight frustrated customers, BrandLock deployed Engage – a personalized one-to-one promotions solution. Engage helped FILA identify shopper behavior in real-time and motivated customers with the best promotion.
  • Based on shopper frustration FILA could offer the right promotion at the right place at the right time. By being proactive to customers’ intent FILA could save potential revenue loss by detecting uncertain buyers and converting them into shoppers.
  • Further analysis revealed that unauthorized coupon extensions exploited FILA’s affiliate codes, resulting in a significant increase in affiliate payout. By deploying Engage, FILA also eliminated unfair affiliate payouts.

FILA Experiences High-quality Conversion Rates and Revenue

FILA’s online store is now comprehensively protected from unauthorized ads and browser extensions. FILA optimizes its on-site promotion activities by identifying customer behavior in real-time, leading to better results.

  • 9% increase in revenue per visit
  • 10.6% increase in conversion rate
  • 4.5K+ orders recovered

BrandLock continues to partner with FILA to identify different shopper behaviors and create 1:1 promotions to further increase conversion rates, thereby boosting revenue and profit.

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