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Every shopper is unique, so we create great personalized shopping experiences that don’t annoy your visitors and convert demand into revenue, 25x faster.

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“Brandlock provides us with the tools to deliver an enhanced customer shopping experience. Brandlock enables an uninterrupted customer visit to our website by preventing unauthorized ad injections”
“BrandLock keeps our brands safe and clean. They are a trusted partner and help us optimize Hijacked Shoppers.”
“BrandLock has helped us recover millions in revenue through double-digit conversion growth.”
“Brandlock ensures that we are maintaining our price integrity and acts as an active tool in reputation management.”
“BrandLock delivers on its promise and protects our brand integrity. We have seen a 15% increase in CR across multiple months.”
“The biggest ROI this year is BrandLock. +6% CR lift by simply blocking unwanted distractions on our site.”
“BrandLock works like a charm. Consistent gains every month.”
“BrandLock is a Magic Conversion Booster. Turn it on. Get +10%.”
“BrandLock delivers gains of +7%. It's a game-changer.”
“Removing shopper distractions and frustrations has had an immediate and profound influence on revenue growth.”
“Brandlock has been extremely beneficial to us. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits.”
“Hijacked Shoppers are an invisible problem. Creating a distraction-free customer journey has become critical to our success.”

Optimize Site Experiences for Faster Growth

Understand Your Customers
Stop Leaving Revenue On The Table
Stop Leaving Revenue On The Table
Understand Your Customers
BrandLock analyzes billions of data points every second to identify and segment every visitor who lands on your website to create intelligent visitor profiles.
Optimize Shopping Experiences
BrandLock targets visitors with personalized messages at the right moment at the right time, based on what matters most to them.
Stop Leaving Revenue On The Table
BrandLock not only helps you to convert visitors into customers, but also increases how many products they buy, their order total, and overall brand satisfaction. Unlock more revenue with onsite personalization and drive more immediate conversions.
Real-time at work
25x ROI
Laser-target different shopper types and see an incremental boost in revenue and conversions. Our partners see a significant revenue gain between +2-8% within the first week of implementing BrandLock.
Real-time at work
Immediate Proven Results
Easily set up and deploy A/B tests within and across different shopper types and validate the results on your own analytics platform - Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.
Real-time at work
Rapid Implementation
BrandLock is ridiculously easy to deploy. You only need to add a single line of JavaScript code to your website and you’ll have BrandLock set up and running in minutes.
Real-time at work
Test it for Free
We are so confident in BrandLock's ability to enhance your revenue that we waive the setup fee and offer a 60-day free trial. Following the trial, you pay a fixed cost monthly.

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