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BUBS Naturals Improves Conversion Rate Optimization by Blocking Malicious Software

With BrandLock, BUBS Naturals stopped ad injections and pop-up ads from taking away their customers to other websites. BrandLock made sure that the customer journey to online purchase for the website is distraction-free for gaining more conversions.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit Lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
Overall Decrease in Bounce Rate
Business Challenge

Browser Injected Ads Disturb the Online Customer Experience

At first, the team at BUBS Naturals did not realize that they had any problems with their website. Although the eCommerce marketing team at BUBS Naturals was aware of ad injections, they were unaware of how many online customers were affected. While e-commerce businesses can secure the server-side components, the visitor side remains exposed. Because ad injections are only seen by visitors, not by the site owner, tackling them is difficult.

Browser extensions and malware downloaded on popular browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox led to ad injections entering the BUBS Naturals website. These ad injections would smartly seek out the best ad space on the web pages and place unauthorized ads on the website. These unwanted ads led to poor customer experience further impacting the conversion rates.

BrandLock solution

Customer Journey Optimization for Higher Conversion Rates and Average Order Value

To help BUBS Naturals recover lost revenue and prevent redirecting its customers to other websites, BrandLock’s operation and R&D team continuously monitored the BUBS Naturals website to identify the user-side ad injection and malware’s footprint.

They discovered price comparison ads and banner ads were impacting users at 28 percent and 24 percent individually, and the infection rate is at an all-time high of 6 percent. The website needed a customer journey optimization solution to stop competitor ads from taking away its business.

Next, with its easy-to-deploy single line of code, BrandLock’s Shield gave BUBS Naturals the complete solution to protect its website from ad-injections and malware.

BrandLock conducted a 30-day pilot program to determine the impact of Shield on the website’s performance. The website traffic was split into two groups – showing a version with unwanted ads to the control group and another version with no ad injections or malware to the protection group.

Shield identified and blocked the malicious adware and malware for users under the protection group. The website received a higher conversion rate and average order value from the users in the groups protected by Shield. These metrics had an immediate impact on BUBS Naturals’ revenue per session.


Preventing Online Journey Hijacking Boosts Conversion Rate and Online Revenue by 7 Percent

  • Shield blocked injected ads and increased the conversion rate optimization along with a reduced bounce rate of the website.
  • BUBS Naturals now has a distraction-free website for customers to complete their online journey to purchase.
  • Shield’s real-time protection against unwanted ads and malware is continuously helping the website recover eCommerce revenue.
  • Since the deployment of Shield in 2020, BUBS Naturals’ eCommerce store continues to drive growth with high conversions and sales.
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