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Famous Smoke Achieves +3% Revenue Lift By Optimizing the Customer Experience

Famous Smoke Shop sought a partner to help convert more online customers without significant investment in time and resources.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit Lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
In Affiliate Revenue Savings
Business Challenge

The Online Store Experienced Lower Conversion Rates and Average Order Values

Delivering a seamless customer experience is at the heart of the business for Famous Smoke Shop. But for a significant segment of their online customers, the conversion optimization efforts were undermined by Customer Journey Hijacking – a widespread problem where unauthorized ads and malware are injected into consumer browsers and devices.

Ad injections disrupted the visitor’s online customer experience with product ads, banners, and pop-ups that diverted customers to other websites, hurting FSS’ revenue.

BrandLock notified the team about how these consumer-side ad injections were targeting their shoppers and hurting their revenue. The online team was curious and inquired about a lasting solution.

BrandLock solution

BrandLock Protects Famous Smoke Shop’s Online Customer Experience

  • BrandLock conducted a preliminary analysis of the website and discovered that mobile and browser-injected ads affected over 7 percent of the online store’s web traffic.
  • Being able to see how competitor ad injections were showing up on the customer side, FSS put a stop to these disruptions by deploying BrandLock’s Shield – Customer Hijacking Prevention solution.

Driving Additional Revenue for Famous Smoke Shop with one-to-one Promotions

  • After creating an adware-free journey for their customers, Famous Smoke Shop was also interested in discovering solutions that could fully monetize their traffic and customer loyalty. In BrandLock’s Engage, FSS found the solution to fuel both.
  • With Engage, FSS could identify their customer’s shopping behavior in real-time and deliver 1:1 personalized promotions to further boost their conversion rates.
  • FSS could also learn more about the behavior of deal-seeking customers: How they shop and the best promotion needed to win them over.
  • By tapping into shopper behavior and offering the right promotion at the right time, FSS could convert more traffic into customers, prevent drop-offs, and keep them engaged on their website longer.
  • Engage also helped FSS manage customer frustrations caused by invalid coupon codes and unauthorized coupon extensions, resulting in substantial affiliate savings.

A Frictionless Online Customer Experience Saved $130,000 in Affiliate Commissions

  • Incorrect promo code management and minimizing promo code runs helped Famous Smoke Shop save $130,000 in affiliate fees.
  • By creating a frictionless customer experience, the store increased its conversion rate by 2.92 percent along with a revenue lift of 3.31 percent.
  • Controlling customer frustration reduced the bounce rate and exit rate by 5 percent and 5.9 percent individually.
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