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Nine West Reduces Cart Abandonment Rate By Removing Browser-based ads

Pop-up ads and other forms of advertising on Nine West website left shoppers frustrated and started abandoning their shopping cart. BrandLock deployed Shield for removing unwanted ads to create a distraction-free online shopping journey.

The Results
Overall Increase in Conversion Rate Lift
Overall Site Revenue Per Visit Lift
Overall Decrease in Cart Abandonment Rate
Business Challenge

Regular shoppers started to complain about intrusive pop-up ads on their retail site. But these ads were not being served by the company at the time and they couldn’t really see where they were showing up or how many ads were there in all.  

But after meeting with BrandLock, they saw all these ads impact the online shopping journey first hand and the number of ads was quite alarming.

The ads were not only contextually right, but they were also seamlessly blended into the product page. While they were displayed like the product of the retailer, when clicked, they took the shopper to a competing site.

The next challenge was to check just how many of the shoppers were seeing such ads.

BrandLock solution

Shield Removes Unwanted Ads to Decrease Shopper Frustrations and Improve Conversions

  • Agreeing to work on a performance-based model, BrandLock began running an A/B test on the store visitors, over a period of twelve months. The test was targeted at demonstrating the impact on key metrics after Shield disabled unwanted ads in real-time vs the site visitors that were still seeing these ads.
  • With the implementation as simple as dropping a line of code into the tag management solution, BrandLock got to work immediately.
  • Shield would measure the change in the website’s revenue per visit to be positively sure that the implementation works. The metric was also chosen based on the fact that it had direct implications for the profit and loss of the company. The test implemented monitoring a lot of data and shopper visits to validate the conversions (sales).
  • In the first month, the online retailer began with a 50-50 traffic split to see how effective Shield was at keeping unwanted ads at bay and converting the audience that was being protected from them. From the second to the twelfth month, BrandLock’s Shield ended up protecting 90% of their store traffic from unwanted distractions.
  • BrandLock helped them identify that about 11.25% of their visits were impacted by unwanted ads. This also affected the website’s conversion rate.
  • The online retailer immediately realized that these distractions were no longer targeted at hacking their site but stealing their customers.

The Company Successfully Reduces Cart Abandonment with Shield

  • The company witnessed a +5.52% increase in the overall revenue per visit. The next month, the retail store saw it climbing up to +10.89%.
  • After 11 months of continuous A/B testing with BrandLock, the results were clear. It was possible to improve the monthly revenue by 5-10% by simply disabling all the consumer browser-based distractions that were luring the shopper away.
  • The online retail store obtained a 22x ROI by investing in Shield and continues to deliver more conversions by ensuring a distraction-free website.
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