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DERMAdoctor’s eCommerce KPIs Radiate Positivity By Removing Unwanted Ads

The company took advantage of BrandLock solutions to block ad injections and offer real-time messaging to maximize online sales.

The Results
Average Revenue Per Visit lift
Average Conversion Rate Lift
More Orders
Business Challenge

DERMAdoctor Was Struggling With Revenue Leakage Due To Ad Injections And Invalid Promo Codes

DERMAdoctor is fully committed to building a seamless customer journey for its customers. When the team realized that a significant percentage of its online customers are being disrupted by unauthorized ad injections, prompt action was necessary.

Traffic hijackers profit from bundling unauthorized product ads, pop-ups, banners ads, and malicious adult content into browser extensions, apps, and many other free software programs installed by consumers online. 

As ad injections run on the consumer’s device, operating system, and browser, diverting site visitors to competitor websites without being detected by online retailers is straightforward and effortless.

These invasive ad injections undermined the brand experience DERMAdoctor wanted to deliver to its visitors, harming their eCommerce conversion funnel and further damaging the skincare brand’s reputation online.

BrandLock solution

Brandlock Eliminated Ad-injections to Restore The Ecommerce Customer Journey Experience 

  • BrandLock’s initial website analysis revealed that over 5.5% of desktop users and 2% of mobile users were exposed to ad injections when they visited DERMAdoctor’s online store.
  • DERMAdoctor immediately took action by deploying Shield, Brandlock’s customer journey hijacking prevention solution.
  • BrandLock conducted an A/B test to familiarize the company with different ad injections displayed during visitor sessions.
  • The team was surprised to find out that over 80 percent of the client-side browsers had installed popular, but unauthorized coupon extensions. 
  • The website’s conversion rate climbed significantly after Shield blocked these browser extensions and other ad injections. 
  • Removing ads injections that served competitive product ads helped the company recover orders and get additional revenue that would have been lost.

1:1 promotions help DERMAdoctor rescue 70+ orders with an AOV of $76 in 6 months.

  • After successfully delivering more eCommerce conversions using Shield, it was an easy decision for DERMAdoctor to apply Engage – real-time messaging – to drive more sales.
  • A deep dive by the BrandLock team revealed a certain shopper behavior where prospective buyers abandoned checkout pages at an alarming rate after applying invalid promo codes.
  • Deal-savvy customers know that a quick Google search for promo codes can lead them to third-party affiliate websites. These codes are often invalid, expired, or simply bogus. Applying such promo codes often leads to shopper frustration and eventually abandoned carts.
  • Engage delivered personalized promotions to frustrated shoppers based on their on-site behavior, leading to reduced cart abandonment and drop-offs. 
  • Personalized promotions led to incremental conversions and an additional $5,000 in sales in just six months.
  • The solution also reported the high-converting real-time messaging preferred by different shopper types for DERMAdoctor to manage their promotional spend.



DERMAdoctor Achieves Maximum Result With Minimum Effort

Since implementing Shield & Engage, DERMAdoctor has consistently seen conversion rate uplift; increase in revenue by protecting and personalizing the customer journey.

  • 250+ more orders 
  • 9.41% average revenue per visit lift
  • 8.42% average conversion rate lift

Shield’s machine learning capabilities enable BrandLock to identify new ad injections for DERMAdoctor and continue to optimize eCommerce conversions at a higher rate.

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