Customer Stories

Feel Unique uncovers +7% revenue lift with BrandLock

The beauty ecommerce company uses BrandLock's machine learning solution to create a frictionless shopping experience for its customers and drive sales.

The Results
Increase in overall site revenue per session
Increase in overall site conversion rate lift
Decrease in site bounce rate
Business Challenge

Browser injected ads divert online beauty retailer’s customers to competitor sites

Feel Unique is a global online beauty retailer of more than 30,000 products. The company has numerous product pages as well as resources for tips and tutorials. However, shoppers on the website often experienced browser-injected ads like popups, competitor ads, irrelevant videos, and other malicious content.

The contextual nature and design of the ads made it difficult for shoppers to distinguish native content from fraudulent ads so shoppers were often bounced to other sites.

Not only were the browser-injected ads compromising the on-site customer experience, but they were also directly diverting shoppers away from Feel Unique’s site and thus decreasing overall revenue.

Feel Unique

The company knew this negatively affected the buyer journey but it was unsure how much this actually impacted their top line.

BrandLock solution

BrandLock leads diagnostic assessment to measure the impact of browser injected ads on Feel Unique’s site

Feel Unique initiated the test by just deploying one line of code via their tag management system and they were set. That’s when BrandLock’s operation and R&D team got into gear to start identifying and understanding the malware footprint of Feel Unique’s customers.

BrandLock reported that almost 8% of their traffic was affected by browser-injected ads. BrandLock also determined that the browser injected ads were not hacking attempts, but rather an adware displaying competitors’ products and ads in an effort to lure shoppers away from Feel Unique’s site.

After BrandLock completed the precise diagnostics, Feel Unique used BrandLock Shield to remove browser-injected ads and monitor the impact going forward via an A/B test with an initial 50/50 split. The visitors were randomly categorized into two groups – control (exposed to browser injected ads) and protected (browser injected ads disabled by BrandLock Shield).

The Process

The setup of the A/B test was as follows:

  • Single variant testing framework – BrandLock ‘on’ vs ‘off’
  • Randomized grouping – Visitors are assigned at random to two groups (control and protected)
  • Analytics integration – Results reporting within Google Analytics or Adobe (previously Omniture)
  • Revenue per session – Metric to measure the impact of removing browser injected ads across all devices (combines AOV and CR)

With a goal to achieve a 99% confidence level on the data set, the A/B test measured the revenue per session closely. The metric left no blind spots in determining the actual increase in revenue (or lift) by incorporating both AOV (average order value) and CR (conversion rate).



Feel Unique improves customer experience and boosts online revenue by blocking ads

BrandLock Shield removed the ads and continued monitoring the site to measure the impact on Feel Unique’s site.

  • +7.1% increase in overall site revenue per session
  • +6% increase in overall site conversion rate lift
  • 5% decrease in overall site exit rate