How To Embed BrandLock JavaScript in Google Tag Manager

This article will cover how to install BrandLock Javascript on your Google Tag Manager



Step 1: Log into your Google Tag Manager Account

Step 2: Select Tags and click on New

BrandLock integration through Google tag manager


Step 3: Select Tag Configuration and click on Custom HTML 

Google tag manager integration


Step 4: Copy the BrandLock Script Code from the Welcome mailer and paste it into the HTML field. 

Note: Always place JavaScript inside <script></script> HTML tags.

GTM integration BrandLock


Step 5: Click on Triggering and select the ‘+’ icon to add a new trigger

GTM Triggers


Step 6: Under Trigger Configuration select ‘DOM Ready’. Click on all dom-ready events in the trigger fires on section. Click on Save.


Step 7: Additionally, also select ‘All Pages’ under Trigger Configuration and click on Save.


Step 8: Once the tag is added, click on Submit and Publish


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