Stop Customer Journey Hijacking

Block ad injections, coupons, and price comparison extensions that show up on your shoppers’ screens and distract them from their intended customer journey.

BrandLock enables you to regain control of your shoppers’ experience, protect your brand reputation, and increase conversions by optimizing shopper experience.

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Inspire Uplift Logo - BrandLock

Inspire Uplift targets Hijacked & Hesitant Shoppers & increases conversion rate by 6.25%

CVR Lift
AmourPrints Logo - BrandLock

AmourPrints got 3.04% revenue driven by locking onto Hesitant, Wish List, Hijacked & Extension Shoppers.

CVR Lift
Frette Logo - BrandLock

Frette focuses on Hijacked shoppers & increases revenue growth by 7.88%

CVR Lift
Golf bidder Logo - BrandLock

Golfbidder targets Hijacked Shoppers to increase conversion rate by 6%

CVR Lift
Murad Logo - BrandLock

Murad enjoys 4% revenue growth by focusing on Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Golf Avenue Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock delivers 6% of revenue by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
CT Shirts Logo - BrandLock

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts Boosts Conversion Rates By Optimizing Shopping Experience For Hijacked Shoppers

CVR Lift
Her Room Logo - BrandLock

Her Room enjoys 5% conversion growth by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

CVR Lift
Cosabella Logo - BrandLock

Cosabella drives 5% revenue growth by optimizing Hesitant, Wish List, & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Prohealth Logo - BrandLock

ProHealth got 16% revenue by locking onto Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Jolyn Logo - BrandLock

Jolyn got 3% revenue by locking onto Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
cbii-cbd Logo - BrandLock

CBII focuses on Hesitant and Hijacked shoppers & drives 6% online revenue.

Revenue Driven
Gazelle Logo - BrandLock

7% revenue driven through BrandLock by targeting Hesitant, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
SuperATV Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock drives 13% revenue by optimizing shopper journeys for Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
GGB Logo - BrandLock

5% revenue growth by targetting Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Apple Seeds Logo - BrandLock

10% revenue driven by optimizing Hijacked, Extension & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Blair Logo - BrandLock

Blair drives 3% revenue by focusing on Extension, Hijacked, & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Tula Logo - BrandLock

Tula got 5% online revenue by locking onto Hesitant, Wish List, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Drapers Logo - BrandLock

Draper's & Damon's got 6% revenue by optimizing Extension, Hijacked & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Haband Logo - BrandLock

Brandlock drives 11% revenue for Haband by focusing on Hijacked Shoppers & Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Delonghi Logo - BrandLock

Delonghi drives 11% revenue by tapping into Hesitant, Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
GFore Logo - BrandLock

G/Fore got 5% revenue by locking onto Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Lulu and Georgia Logo - BrandLock

BrandLock drives 5% revenue by optimizing shopper journeys for Coupon Contingent & Hijacked Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Peter Millar Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock keeps our brands safe and clean. They are a trusted partner and help us optimize Hijacked Shoppers."

CVR Lift
Fingerhut Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock has helped us recover millions in revenue through double-digit conversion growth."

Revenue Driven
Cariuma Logo - BrandLock

"Brandlock ensures that we are maintaining our price integrity and acts as an active tool in reputation management. "

Revenue Driven
Dermadoctor’s Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock delivers on its promise and protects our brand integrity. We have seen a 15% increase in CR across multiple months."

Revenue Driven
Franklin Planner Logo - BrandLock

"The biggest ROI this year is BrandLock. +6% CR lift by simply blocking unwanted distractions on our site."

Revenue Driven
Famous Smoke Shop Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock works like a charm. Consistent gains every month."

Revenue Driven
Fila Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock is a Magic Conversion Booster. Turn it on. Get +10%."

Revenue Driven
BUBS Naturals Logo - BrandLock

"BrandLock delivers gains of +7%. It's a game-changer."

CVR Lift
Pharmaca Logo - BrandLock

Pharmaca got 4% revenue growth by locking onto Hijacked Shoppers.

CVR Lift
Feel Unique Logo - BrandLock

Feel Unique drives 2% online revenue by locking onto Hijacked and Coupon Contingent Shoppers.

Revenue Driven
Bare Necessities Logo - BrandLock

Bare Necessities focuses on Hijacked shoppers & increases revenue growth by 7%

Revenue Driven
Novica Logo - BrandLock

"Removing shopper distractions and frustrations has had an immediate and profound influence on revenue growth."

Revenue Driven
Cartier Logo - BrandLock

Cartier targets Hijacked Shoppers & drives revenue by 9%

Revenue Driven
Jabra Logo - BrandLock

"Brandlock has been extremely beneficial to us. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits."

CVR Lift
Footwear Etc. Logo - BrandLock

Footwear etc. optimizes Hijacked Shoppers & drives 7.3% revenue through BrandLock

Revenue Driven
TopShop Logo - BrandLock

Topshop unlocks a 5% increase in conversion rate by targeting Hijacked Shoppers

CVR Lift

Keep your Shoppers on their Path to Purchase

Up to 10% of your shoppers are infected by ad injections that hijack their customer journey and prevent them from converting. Adware and browser malware redirects are caused by extensions that your shoppers either knowingly or unknowingly install on their devices, diverting them away from your site.

Eliminating these pop-ups prevents your shoppers from getting redirected to competitors, hide unauthorized content from being shown on your site, and reduce fraudulent affiliate fees.

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25x ROI
Laser-target hijacked shoppers and see an incremental boost in revenue and conversions. Our partners see a significant revenue gain of +2-8% within the first week of implementing BrandLock.
Immediate Proven Results
Easily set up A/B tests and validate the results on your analytics platform (Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics).
Real-time at work
Rapid Implementation
BrandLock is ridiculously easy to deploy. Add a single line of JavaScript code to your website, and you’ll have BrandLock set up and running in minutes.
Real-time at work
Test it for Free
We are so confident in BrandLock's ability to enhance your revenue that we waive the setup fee and offer a 60-day free trial. Following the free trial, you pay a fixed monthly cost.

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