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BrandLock follows a proven methodology in its assessment and diagnostics for all of its customers’ websites. It starts with deploying a single line of code on a client’s site in order to begin diagnostics. This involves a carefully monitored A/B test with an initial 50/50 split. Visitors are randomly assigned into one of two groups: the control group, which is exposed to the existing site’s conditions including popup ads and adware; and the protected group, which is protected from popup ads by BrandLock Shield.

A/B testing involves several different factors in order to collect reliable results. It includes:

  • Single variant testing – Test the difference between BrandLock Shield turned on, and the software turned off 
  • Randomized grouping – Visitors are assigned at random to one of two groups: a control group that sees the original site, and a protected group that sees the site with BrandLock Shield turned on to block the ads
  • Analytics integration – Results are calculated and delivered via Google Analytics or Adobe (formerly known as Omniture) 
  • Revenue per session – Metric calculated to measure the top line impact of removing browser injected ads across all devices. Incorporates both Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate (CR).

The inclusion of both AOV and CR ensures a wholistic view on total revenue impacted. Only results with a 99% confidence level and above are reported, which ensures that the data sets are as reliable as possible. 

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