Maximize eCommerce Revenue by Targeting the Right Visitor at the Right Time

Purpose-built for eCommerce, BrandLock optimizes your customer’s onsite experience by removing distractions that lead to online journey hijacking. Our solution also analyses shopper behavior in real-time and targets them with the right promotions, on the right page, at the right time. Deliver a superior customer experience and get more conversions while protecting your margins and brand reputation.

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  • 10 - 15% Average Revenue Growth to our Clients
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Mike Baranov Director of Operations
“This is a completely invisible problem to online retailers. We only realized the issue when a customer emailed, inquiring about all the ads popping up. A few months later we learned of a solution through BrandLock. Removing these ads have become critical to our business.”
Jim Richmond VP eCommerce,Omni-channel, Digital Technology
“While aware of browser injected ads, I wasn’t exactly sold on its impact to our site. The testing with BrandLock proved otherwise – with overall conversion rates and revenue per session increasing by 11% and 6%, respectively.”
Brian Egholm Anderson Sr. Director, End Customer Marketing
“We have immensely benefitted from Brandlock's conversion optimization tool. Our overall conversion rates have increased by double digits – all by blocking unwanted ads.”
Andy Cho SVP eCommerce & Technology
“When shoppers complained about injected ads, pop-ups, and offers, we turned to BrandLock for help. Immediately, we saw a boost in shopper engagement, conversion rate, and most telling - revenue per session”
Charles Hachtmann Co-Founder/CTO
“Brandlock clearly demonstrated that your most unhappy customers are not only your greatest source of learning – but also incremental revenue lift. We learned that removing their distractions and frustrations has an immediate and profound impact on revenue.”

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Real-time at work
Increase Revenue
Preserve shopper intent and keep them on the path to purchase by blocking competitor ads and other distractions on your online store.
Real-time at work
Boost Conversions
Convert website visitors into shoppers by analyzing customer behavior in real-time and targeting them with personalized promotions and offers.
Real-time at work
Fight Cart Abandonment
Identify hesitant shoppers at the checkout page and offer the minimum nudge needed to convert possible cart deserters into paying customers.
Real-time at work
Save Affiliate Fees
Protect your margins and profits by preventing affiliates from claiming unfair credit for a sale.

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