Cart abandonment recovery is great.

Preventing cart abandonment is better.

Anticipate customer intent to abandon cart and offer best-matching promotions they need to complete their purchase. BrandLock reinforces cart abandonment strategies with a real-time, proactive approach based on customer behavior.

Complement your cart recovery strategy with intent-based promotions​.

  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • 5%-10% conversion uplift
  • 4-week free trial
  • Easy setup
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Average Conversion Rate Lift in Last 6 Months
Orders Rescued
Affiliate Fees Saved
Additional Revenue Generated
Reduction in Cart Abandonment

Stop cart abandonment before it takes place

  • While platforms like Omnisend and Klaviyo try to draw customers back to complete their orders, preempting cart abandonment is efficient and productive.
  • BrandLock’s machine learning abilities understand shopper behavior onsite and in-session to proactively reduce cart abandonment.
  • By offering personalized deals at the checkout page, BrandLock incentivizes shoppers to complete their purchase.

Reasons for Cart Abandonment

Wrong Coupons - BrandLock
Wrong Coupons
Shoppers get frustrated when they apply a wrong or expired coupon code at the checkout page.
No Deal - BrandLock
No Deal
Active deal seekers drop off your website when they don’t get attractive offers.
Competitor Ads - BrandLock
Competitor Ads
Ad-injections display competitor ads at the check-out page, luring shoppers away from your website.

Fight cart abandonment before it starts

  • Promotion Recommendation Engine: Increase online conversions by analyzing customer behavior in real-time and generate predictive offers tailored to customers.
  • Transparent Reporting: View the performance of your metrics on your website analytics platform (Google Analytics, Adobe analytics) making ROI easy to measure.
  • Easy & Quick Setup: Add a single line of code to your website and get up and running in minutes, with no technical knowledge required.

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